The Governors work in close liaison with the school, to give support and to promote high standards. In order to operate most effectively the Governors have formed a number of sub-committees. Their responsibilities are strategic, relating to the policies and ethos of the school in such matters as finance, staffing, the curriculum, discipline, the admission and exclusion of pupils, premises and relations with the LEA, the Diocese, parents and the community.

Governors are nominated or elected by the bodies, which they represent, except co-opted Governors who are invited to serve by the members of the governing body itself. All Governors serve for periods of four years from the date of appointment. If a Governor resigns within that time, their nominating body is required to nominate, or elect, a replacement as appropriate.

In accordance with the Education Act 1986, the governing body issues an annual report for parents, and holds an annual parents meeting. Copies of agendas and minutes of governors meetings are available for inspection by parents if required.

Any points you wish to raise about the education of your child or general issues related to the running of the school should, in the first instance be discussed with the Headteacher. If you then feel you wish the matter to be raised with the Governors, please contact the Chairman of Governors or one of the other members.

Should you wish to become a Governor at St. Hedda’s please speak to either: Fr Guiver (Parish Priest at Egton Bridge, Ugthorpe and Lealhom), Chair of Governor; Mrs Clare Dalton or Parent Governor Mrs Lucy Brown or contact the school.

A document containing a list of our governing body can be downloaded by clicking here