It is a requirement that we provide information about the Pupil Premium allocation in our school and how we choose to use it.

Pupil Premium is an additional amount  of funding that schools receive from the government to support areas of deprivation and vulnerable children. The amount each school receives is calculated by a number of different factors including the number of children who have free school meals, the number of Looked After Children and the number of Service children.

Pupil Premium is granted to help overcome barriers to educational achievement faced by the eligible pupils.  In our school those barriers include: Social and Emotional needs, Communication needs, Sensory needs and Specific Learning needs.

We aim to address these needs through the provision detailed in our pupil premium statement for each academic year, please see below.  (Please note that Pupil Premium is allocated to schools in financial years so there may be some anomalies in the funding detailed, depending on the time of year.) We measure the impact of our provision termly through our monitoring procedures.

If you would like to discuss this further please do contact the school and ask to speak to the headteacher.


Click below to download our most recent Pupil Premium reports: